General:  The  US 4th Cavalry Regiment Association is an organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the history and legacy of the regiment.  All current and former members of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th Squadrons of the 4th Cavalry are welcome in the association.  The 4th Cavalry Regiment is one of the most famous and most decorated units in the United States Army.  Since 1855, the 4th Cavalry has continuously served our Nation in peace and war.  More information about the US 4th Cavalry Regiment Association can be found on their FaceBook Page

Distinquished Members of the Regiment:  Distinquished Members of the Regiment are those former troopers who have demonstrated continued efforts to promote the Lineage, Honors, Traditions, & Legacy of the 4th Cavalry after their military service. The following former 3/4 Cavalry troopers have been inducted as Distinquished Members of the Regiment.

2019 Inductees:    
Galen Narimatsu - HHT 1970 David Olsen - A Trp 68/69 Jim Ross - B Trp 67/68
2017 Inductees:    
Bobby Bingham - B Trp 68/69                   
Dwight Birdwell - C Trp 67/68
Dave Cox - A Trp 65/66
Frank Cuff - C Trp 67/68
Dale Dow - D Trp & HHT 68
Tom Fleming - D Trp 67/68
Dave Garrod - B Trp 67/68
Fernando Herrera - B Trp 68/69
Stan Homiski - B Trp 68/69               
Marshall Huckaby - LRRP 66/67
Ed Kayler - C Trp - 70
John Moore - A Trp 68/69
Guy Troy - Sqdn Cdr 63/65
John White - C Trp 67/68
1995 Inductees:
Danny King - B Trp 68 Dennis Roe - B Trp 68/69  
1994 Inductees:    
Don Appler - A, C, & HHT 66/67 & 69 Roger McGill - HHT 65/66  
1993 Inductees:    
John Hollern - HHT Bobby Hollis Jr. - B Trp 68/69
Bob Maxey - B & D Trp 68/70
  -  Mrs. Ardean Maxey
1992 Inductees:    
Tom Tait (MG) - HHT 67/68
Jerry Headley - B Trp & HHT 68/69

Bob McGowan - Sqdn Cdr 68/69   
  -   Mrs. Deirdre McGowan

 More information about the US 4th Cavalry Regiment Association can be found on their FaceBook Page.

The Regimental Association has not set a date for the next reunion.  More information to follow.

Last updated 30 Sep 2019