These rosters contain the names of known former members of the 3/4 Cavalry. These rosters have been reconstructed from various orders, morning report summaries, and individual memories and are not a complete listing of everyone who served in the units.

      The rosters are maintained at the troop websites by a volunteer from the individual troops. You will need to contact the responsible troop webmaster for information on a specific individual. We do not have contact information on everyone listed on these rosters. Contact information is only provided to members of the 3/4 Cavalry Chapter. Information is only released on individuals who have agreed to release their contact information to former troopers.


Officers: Oct 1968 Officer Roster;  Apr 69 Officer Roster;  Squadron Commander Roster

HHT: 1966 Roster;  Apr 68 Enlisted Roster;  Oct 68 Enlisted Roster;  Apr 69 Enlisted Roster;  1970 Yearbook

A Troop: 1st Plt Roster;  2nd Plt Roster;  3rd Plt Roster;  HQ Plt Roster;  Officer RosterPlatoon not known1966 A Troop Yearbook1970 Yearbook

B Troop: 1966 Roster;  1970 Yearbook

C Troop:  C Troop RosterC Trp Apr 1967 Roster1970 Yearbook

D & F Troops:  D & F Troop Roster;  1970 Yearbook;  1971/72 F Troop Yearbook


Last updated on 11/24/19