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Finding former unit members: We no longer maintain a guest book due to virus attacks and low usage (7 entries in the last 4 years).  To find a former member try the individual troop websites and contact their webmaster or join our Facebook Group that has 1,100 former troopers as users.


Troop websites:

Hq & Hq Troop: Hq & Hq Troop on Facebook. This is a closed group for former unit members. One of the group admins will approve you for the group.

A Troop:  Rosters at troop website.

C Troop:  Consolidated C Troop Roster

D & F Troops:  Consolidated D & F Troop Rosters


Facebook:  Select the the facebook link or click on the FB Icon and request to join the group.  Our group is a closed group for former 3/4 Cavalry troopers. One of the group admins will approve you for the group.  Join the 3/4 Cavalry Chapter Facebook Group.

Contact our association Officers:

Chapter President: Tom Fleming -

Chapter Vice-President: Dwight Birdwell -

Secretary: Dave Cox -

Treasurer: Bob Bingham -

Chaplain: Dennis Roe -

President Emeritus: Jerry Headley -

Webmaster: John Moore -   


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